Association of Aesthetic Practitioners

The AAP Register is a members only register that accepts professionals in injectables from both the medical and non-medical background who vow to adhere to a strict code of conduct. The AAP offers public transparency and a true representation of all members on the register. Being a member requires dedication to the industry and is an excellent method of representing yourself as an honest practitioner to your patients.

· The AAP Register is the only association where members have a yearly revision of agreement to adhere to the code of conducts that are required.

· The AAP Register offers a true representation of a truly professional and competent practitioner.

· Being a member of the AAP is an excellent tool to use to be able to advertise to patients that you are a safe practitioner and have high working standards.

Associations of Aesthetics Practitioners

Being a member of the AAP comes with several benefits:

  • · Guaranteed access to several exclusive product distributors
  • · Guaranteed annual insurance renewal
  • · Yearly First Aid renewal
  • · Access to a prescriber
  • · Proudly display your certificate to your patient’s
  • · Use of the AAP logo for branding and marketing purposes
  • · Ongoing support

As an AAP Member you will pledge to follow our strict code of conduct:

It is your duty to respect the guidelines and follow them accordingly:

1. Your clients are your priority and responsibility and each client must be treated as an individual with individual needs and requests.

2. You must remain professional throughout all procedures and throughout aftercare.

3. AAP is here to support you as a member of the association. However, you are responsible for your own actions and must therefore be able to justify if required.

4. You must provide your clients ongoing aftercare.

5. Should a complication occur, you must deal with it as per your training and ensure it is resolved immediately.

6. When dealing with personal details, confidentiality is key and must be adhered to at all times in accordance to the data protection act 1998.

7. You must document all accurate records of information relevant to the procedure(s).

8. A face to face consultation must be carried out prior to the treatment, along with a signed consent form. Treatment must not go ahead without your patient’s signature of consent.

9. You will not slate or bad mouth another technicians work – should this occur it will be thoroughly investigated.

10. Respond honestly and be responsive to anyone who may complain about the treatment that they have received by you.

11. Insurance, premises and qualification certificates must be displayed in the premises at all times.

12. You must attend an annual first aid and Anaphylaxis refresher course.

If any of the above are broken or if you chose not to follow our code of conducts, you membership will be cancelled and you will not have access to any of the benefits.

12 month membership

  • · 12 monthly payments of £35.00


  • · 1 off payment of £400
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