Gold Refresher Course

This course is designed for those looking to refresh their knowledge perhaps due to poor training, and want to learn several areas of the facial anatomy including lip augmentation, nasolabial treatment, marionette line treatment, jawline and chin augmentation, and also cheek augmentation. We also include the Advanced Lip Augmentation Masterclass.

We do offer all of students the option to carry out extensive coursework that will take 4-8 weeks to complete and submit to our tutors for extra support and training. Although not compulsory, we do encourage all of our students to complete 10 case studies post training to allow our tutors to support you post training as much as possible.

What to expect

– FREE Kit included

Items included:

  • 2x 1ml Hyaluronic Acid Syringe
  • Box of 50 masks
  • 10 1ml BD Syringes
  • 1 bottle of HydraGel

Course Content:

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Hyaluronidase & Complication Management
  • Infection Control
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Product Knowledge
  • Maximum 2 Students per class
  • 6 models

3 days: At least a total of 1 working day over a 4-8 week period for your pre study assignments (optional but advised), 2 days practical with Nurse Gemini

Course Fee: £2900.00 exc VAT

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